The ProtectRite brand includes a complete family of paper and film-masking tape products designed to prevent marring, scratching or staining of exposed surfaces – metal, glass or plastic – throughout the manufacturing and delivery cycle. These products, proven effective every day in hundreds of application, are available though an international network of distributors.

Photo of ProtecRite.

American Biltrite Inc. offers a range of reliable protection for metal sheets, coils, anodized aluminum, chrome, bright and textured stainless steel, coated and painted metals. Whatever the metal surface, there is a protective product to protect it during every phase of fabrication, drawing stamping, roll forming, slitting and bending. Our paper tape and film products are used to avoid damage to metal components during fabrication. ProtectRite adhesive coated films and paper tapes are specially designed to cut cleanly, conform to the part, and eliminate slugs common to the metal stamping process.

We offer a wide range of specially formulated masking for the plastics industries include a broad range of film and paper tape products engineered specifically for plastics. We maintain an ongoing relationship with major plastic manufacturers; we are kept abreast of new material as they are developed. This allows our product development specialists to design new masking products specifically for each particular substrate.

ProtectRite paper and film tapes are ideal for protecting metal and plastic substrates throughout the nameplate manufacturing process, from printing and embossing to stamping and punching.

Because our adhesive products release smoothly and cleanly, and are conformable to irregular surfaces, ProtecRite protective paper and film tapes are found in many industries. Our products are available in a broad range of adhesion levels and film gauges compatible with surfaces ranging from highly polished to heavily textured.

American Biltrite Inc. has more than 100 years of experience in protective masking, along with our strict adherence to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards, are your assurance of the most reliable and effective masking products on the market today. Since we handle every aspect of manufacturing ourselves, from material selection to manufacturing to storage and shipping, ProtectRite products perform flawlessly and consistently day after day, year after year.